Bastille, My Heart | Concert Experience

I recently went to see Bastille in concert and it became one of my favorites instantly because of how intimate and thoughtful Bastille made it.  They walked through the crowd and gave those who sat on the lawn an amazing show without neglecting us in the put or seats. I sat in the seated area which was far from the stage but not far enough to where all I saw was ants singing and performing. The visuals were constant but not overwhelming, they took everyone on an adventure through their vibe. I just wanted to share my photos from the night. Enjoy!


Who has been your favorite concert?

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2 thoughts on “Bastille, My Heart | Concert Experience

  1. I have just been to a Bastille concert (wrote about it too!) And wondered if anyone else had. I’m so pleased to see that you did!

    I felt the exact same way, that they were so THOUGHTFUL. It was endearing ❤❤


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