Essentials For Moving Out

With the recent experience of a moving out rush, I have accumulated a couple of things that have been extremely useful to make packing a little bit easier.

  1. Scrap Paper Labels | To save you nice computer paper, grab all your misprints or scrap paper and label all of your boxes. From names to locations it all needs to be written down because when you move, it will make telling movers or yourself where the box goes.
  2. Towels and Paper | Wrap all breakables in towels first. It is helpful and will save you money from having to pay for bubble wrap and other packing supplies.
  3. ABC Store + Sam’s Club + Aldi | Did I get your attention? Go to the any of those stores and grab all of their empty boxes, they don’t need it and they are free!
  4. Packing Tape | So, the one thing that spending money on that is worth the full price (or in bulk on Amazon) is packing tape. Seriously, you will be going through a good amount of it. Grab a tape gun if you can help it so that your hands have more mobility.
  5. Garbage Bag Clothing Covers | It is already a pain to have to move all your clothes on hangers so just put clean garbage bags on and overlap the loops around a bulk of hangers. You won’t have to cut any holes and it will save you from having to toss your clothes into a bag, disheveled.
  6. Scissors | The most important to keep in your car so that when you are finished moving, you can unbox them without having to wonder which box you put your scissors in.

Biggest tip: Breathe and take it one room at a time. I didn’t get to help much due to school and being on wardrobe for a production. However, my sister took it one day at a time and it was helpful not to get overwhelmed, especially since she only had one day to pack.

What has helped you during a move? Let me know below!

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