My First Kiss Went a Little Like This…


I think that there was an immense pressure or expectation in the 24 years that I have been alive. I haven’t been on a date, let alone had a first kiss, or even had interaction with men that is more than platonic friendship. I went to an end-of-the-year party that everyone is invited to, to a secret location. However, before that, I drove two of my friends and picked up my gay best friend. I worked with him on a show and we have been good friends, he is my gay best friend. He is someone I can trust completely without feeling like I am being judged.

I parked my car and he, in all his makeup glory and sassiness kisses me on the lips, it wasn’t long but it was definitely what I consider my first kiss. He felt bad once I told him that it was my first kiss but it was the most liberating feeling.

I may still be weary of opening my heart and to the idea of dating but at least the first kiss aspect is gone from that. One less concern!

I want to hear your first kiss stories in the comments whether they were simple and sweet like mine or just cringe worthy but something to laugh about now.


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