I Moved At The Worst Time

It has been a crazy time for me. By crazy, I mean being wardrobe head (taking care of and being in charge of a crew during a performance) + having school work + having to move out in one week. Because of reasons that have to do with a horrible roommate (another story for another day), my sister and roommate and I decided moving out was best. To start off, we visited house #1 which had hardwood floors and it was quite tight with the laundry room on the outside in a small building. Kind of weird. House #2 was modern and had an open floor plan. I loved the large mirror halfway up the stairs because it made the space seem bigger. Kind of small and sadly too small for our studio items. House #3 was just right (yes, it happened to be our last stop) because the patio area that had the weird laundry room was transformed into an extended room.

Room entry
Right hand corner
Lower right hand corner

None of the stuff in the pictures is where they are now. My desk and shelf have both moved to different areas. I will say that it has been a stressful time. By stressful, I mean that I had a breakdown the day I found out. It has been the biggest struggle for me to cope with the abrupt change. Normally, I can hop on my feet but with all that was on my plate, I just couldn’t do it.

I am on my spring break right now and I apologize for the lack of posts but I hope that you will be patient with me!


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