Review: Lush Star Dust Bath Bomb


I am so excited to have tried one of my new bath bombs. Here is what I think of it!

Stability: As a solid bath bomb it has the normal chalky feeling but I found when I was placing it on my tiered shelf, it started to fall apart. I was kind of sad because it held up so well on the way to the states from London.

In Action: Pretty cool. However, it separated in chunks rather than radiate like I have seen other bath bombs do. I tried to break it apart which may have added to the chunkiness. What is cool is that there is a blue center with confetti.

Smell: The smell was not overwhelming but I wish it was stronger. I added lavender essential oils to the water for more scent.

Clean Up: I had to wash down the confetti since they stuck to the walls of the bathtub.

What else do you think I should add to these?


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4 thoughts on “Review: Lush Star Dust Bath Bomb

  1. I’ve only just started buying bath bombs and bubble bars from Lush. I’ve just read so much about ’em and I love their skin products. It was only a matter of time haha. This one looks interesting but I don’t think the smell will be up my alley. I’m more of a citrus kind of person haha. Got any good bath bomb/bubble bar suggestions for me?

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