Good Things Jar 2016

2016 was an amazing year. I want to share the great things that happened.

December 31-January 3 – I went to an anime convention.
January 11 – I got a mermaid doll from a student who wanted to share with all mermaid lovers.
January 11 – I got my serger shipped to me!
January 23 – SNOW DAY
January 27 – My professor pulled me aside and told me that I was doing well in my independent study.
February 1 – 23 and still here…sad day. Cue Taylor Swift’s “22”.
February 5 – An upperclassman came up to me at the university parking lot and told me that she wanted me to go to Italy. ITALY.
February 5 – “Deadpool” with my brother!
February 9 – The opera that I was on wardrobe for ended!
February 14 – I sent my application to (possibly) go to Italy!
February 14 – SNOW DAY
February 17 – I did pretty well on my English presentation.
February 17 – I started assistant designing for my first production at my new university.
March 6 – Dave and Busters for my belated birthday!
March 9 – I got the official email that I am going to Italy.
March 22 – I purchased my ticket to fly out to Italy and back from London.
March 30 – I spoke and presented my research for my final project in costume design with no real palpitations. I am extremely proud of myself.

April 13 – All my faculty were so supportive and told me that I have come a long way and that they forgot that this was my first year since I transferred. I was sorted into costume design and I forced myself to go first into the room with faculty.
April 18 – I was called into my professor’s office and my faculty told me that I was sorted into film team.
April 21 – Opening night for my first assistant designed show!
April 23 – The show I assistant designed for is over!
April 26 – I finished design class.
April 27 – Made it through my first portfolio review.

May 3 – I made it through my first year at my new university. I couldn’t be prouder.

June 17 – I flew out from the states to Italy!
June 17 – July 24 My life changed in Italy and it was the best thing that I could have asked for to happen in my young years.

July 24 – August 15 – I went to London and had the nicest time enjoying solo travelling and learning about how independent I can be.

September 9 – My professor oversaw my first solo fitting and told me that he wanted to be there to support me. He was so kind.
September 19 – Last day of my first film.

October 4 – I got a third film!
October 5 – My professor found me in my studio and said that he was proud of me and that I am doing a great job.

November 21 – Last day of film!

December 9 – My professor called me and asked me if I wanted to work with a film costume designer.


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