Goals for 2017

There are things in 2017 that I want to change about myself but also with other aspects of my life. I have decided to place these goals here where I can refer back to them and remind myself that I still have a journey to take.

For myself:
Be kinder. It makes me sad because there are people that I know who are petty or talk back about other people negatively. I just want people to be kind to one another and also be more empathetic.
Do not lose myself. I was on film team at my school which meant that I was working 12 hour weekends (Saturday-Monday) from the end of September to the weekend before Thanksgiving. With all of my other school work that piled on top, I failed a liberal arts class and failed a final. I got so caught up in the whirlwind of exhaustion that I stopped thinking about myself.
Be bolder. I want to be a better speaker because I struggle a lot with anxiety when it comes to presenting. I also want to be less afraid of the world around me and just go for my goal.
Stay organized. I lost my organization this year and my work space has definitely suffered. I want to make my space easy to be in and calming rather than hectic and busy.

For others:
Spend less on them. This is going to sound weird but I have a weird habit of buying my friends meals and things when they are out of money. I think that, in my head, it is that I would appreciate if they would do the same. I treat people how I would want to be treated and I would hope people would return the favors I give to them. I also need to realize that I just need to save my money and also not be so giving that I become broke.
Be less awkward in larger groups. When I invite my best friend and we are ready to go out, someone wants to join. I don’t mind it but I become a silent person when they are there. I don’t know if it is because they are an outsider in my mind or because what I want to talk about it not really meant for others’ ears. I become more observant in a group of people (in other words, more than me and the other person) and quiet.

For The Mermaid Network:
Posting more. I know that every year I say this and then I just fall off the bandwagon. I don’t mean to. During my school year, it comes first, and I just end up putting The Mermaid Network on the back burner. In an ideal world, I would be posting every week or more than once a week. I just have to remember that quality over quantity is better than posting content I don’t really care about.

I think those are all the goals that I really want to hit for 2017. We shall see!


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