Lush Haul!


Well folks, I finally made a UK purchase from Lush and had it ship all the way here, to North Carolina. The process? So easy that you would be surprised. I compared prices while shopping and would you know, the Frozen bath bomb is $8.95 in the states and only £4.25 which translates to $5.20. It took about a week for my items to get here. I am kind of bummed that there wasn’t a way to track my package. However, alls well that ends well because my order arrived safe and sound.

All of these items were packaged naked, except for the soap, which is a great way to be eco-friendly. The potato starch popcorn dissolve in water or will degrade over time. I love that Lush thinks about these things and really make it the most biodegradable company that I have purchased from.

Now that we got the business out of the way, here is a list of what I got:
(L to R)
Titsy Totsy bath bomb
Autumn Leaf bath bomb
Star Dust bath bomb
Intergalactic bath bomb
Milky Bar soap
Sakura bath bomb

The package smells extremely fresh and as I am typing it, my office space definitely smells like a Lush store. I highly recommend buying from Lush. I will be doing reviews as I try these wonderful smelling products.

What should I get next time I order from Lush?


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