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I don’t know about you but as a college student, I cannot afford stickers that are huge for the planner community. If you don’t know what I am talking about, Erin Condren planners are the big thing right now. Due to my budget, I decided to go for the cheaper and sensible route for me. If you love stickers, just remember that you can always get a great deal at craft stores if you use a coupon.

So, to start off, my planner is from Target. The company is Blue Sky and I am obsessed with how cute this is. I purchased this for $7.99, I think. The great thing about Blue Sky is that they had different formats that allows you to have options with each design.


I decided to go with the kind of planner that is broken down by time. It is hard to see (sorry!) but the top row is “Today’s Top Three” which is great for my daily goals of what I would like to accomplish for the day. The middle row goes from 7AM-7PM. The bottom row is “Tonight” which I use as a to-do list for the day that is not necessarily a goal. Homework goes in the bottom row.


Hopefully, this edit is brighter for you to see. I did not write my week because my class schedule usually goes on the pages. However, I think you will get the idea. I use a binder clip to make sure I can quickly flip to the week. The washi tape I use is really great to add a little more character. The yellow and brown anchor washi is to designate when my lunch is when I am at school. The chevron is for big breaks of time for myself to do other work. Anything that I need to do, class or meetings, is written in pen.


What I use:
-washi tape: I get most of my washi from A.C. Moore and they come in bulk sometimes so you can get a tube of 10 for a good deal. The chevron was in the group of 10 and it is pretty great!
-pen: I use the Pilot G-2 pen in 0.7mm. This pen is my absolute favorite!

How do you plan?


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