Wanderlust #12: Hostel 101 | Palmer’s Lodge Swiss Cottage

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What is the difference between a hotel and hostel?

The main difference is that in a hotel room you will be living in your own personal space or with people you know. The hostel will require you to room with other people, many who speak different languages. If you have a group of people, it is possible to get a room together in a hostel.

Is it safe?

I stayed at the Palmer’s Lodge Swiss Cottage in London and I would definitely stay again. Now, I can’t talk about the nightlife or the safety of that because I was never out past 6-7. There are two stations within five minutes walking for the underground. There are many bus stations, too. Food is extremely easy to find as are groceries.

What amenities are available?

The hostel room I chose had a private bathroom, which I highly recommend, and a locker below the bunks. The bunks also had curtains to provide privacy and a blanket, sheets, and a pillow is provided. In the hostel for communal use, there is a self-service kitchen where you can store your own groceries. There are a couple of lounge areas for you to choose from.

Is it worth the money?

I can only speak for the Palmer’s Lodge but there was everything I could have asked for. I paid $22.00 a night, $27.00 on weekends for 22 days. I found it to be perfect for my budget and length of time I was staying there. The beds are standard but I found I could sleep easily.

How about roommates?

I never reached out to people and had conversations, I chose not to. Mainly, I used the bed I had as a sleeping cove because there were curtains on each bed. I wanted to have time to myself to catch up on receipts and watch Netflix.

This was just an overview but if you want to know more about hostels, ask away!

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