Tea Time, Story Time #1: Yogi Tea + My Crush Knew…

I thought that this would be a fun little idea to introduce to you all. I like to drink tea (and sometimes coffee) so I thought it would be a lot of fun to do a tea review and also share a story with all of you. I will separate the tea time and story time so that if you prefer to read one over the other, you can absolutely do so! Give this a “like” if you want to see more. Also, grab yourself a drink of your choice and have fun reading.


Yogi Lemon Ginger Tea

I started to drink this because it was already in the house and because my throat has bee bothering me. I came back from London with an awful kind of cough because of the air from the train. I brewed a large cup of this throughout the day and added about a tablespoon of honey to help remedy my throat. I will say that it doesn’t really help with my throat but I didn’t have digestion problems at all.

Taste: This has a nice lemon taste and I don’t normally like ginger but when you drink, the aftertaste hits you with a sharp hit. The sharpness of the aftertaste is the ginger and it can be quite strong if you don’t normally have ginger in your diet. I will say that the taste is rather tame aside from the ginger and would be really good to drink after dinner when you are winding down for the night.

Rating: 3.5/5



Story Time: My Crush Knew…

Well, I don’t have the best luck with men and that is due to the fact that I don’t present myself as a possibility and that they always fall for my best friend or person I am close with. I met a boy who worked at the same program as me in Italy. He lives up north, so not an Italian boy (sorry to disappoint). But, the first time I saw him, he was shirtless…well darn. This was during my second weekened when I climbed a mountain and he was with friends. I actually remember that he knew my name and I don’t know how. I am assuming he knew because one of my roommates happened to be the girl he was interested in.

I don’t want to get in to too much detail but let’s just say that my feelings kind of grew over the next three weeks of the program. I knew that nothing would happen and I didn’t want it to because it would be unfair to anyone to start a relationship long distance after only a short period of time. I actually found out that he knew that I liked him on our last day in Italy. Some drama happened and he had mentioned that we were never going to work out, he had been drinking and so I thought he meant him and my roommate. I didn’t realize until the next morning when he had messaged me that he was referring to us and that he was sorry that my feelings were hurt but he didn’t want to hurt me by dragging me along. I received apologies from both him and my roommate. I, honestly, didn’t care because I was more upset that the boy I liked was hurt. I am sure my roommate was hurt in some ways but there are aspects of what she did that I don’t necessarily think were the right decisions in regards to me and the boy.

Nevertheless, I feel like this experience of having my crush know and yet he was an absolute gentleman about not dragging me along at all. I grew to care for him as a friend and I told him that. I may still have feelings for him but I have learned that our friendship is more important to me than any kind of romantic relationship. I think what shocks me the most, still, is that he didn’t try to drag me along or mess with my feelings. I am glad that there are actual people out there who won’t manipulate you for sport or for their own gain. I am still good friends with my roommate, too. I know that they might not ever speak to each other again after what happened but I do know that they are still my friends.

Well, that is my story time for now!


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