Wanderlust #10: London Week 2

So sorry that I have been missing for a bit! I got back to the states and have been preparing for university this year. I just have a lot to prepare for but I have brought pictures for you! I got to experience a lot of things and really push myself out of my comfort zone by doing things with other people. I decided to spend my day going on the Free Walking Tour in London and the East End Tour. I will be doing reviews of both of the tours in the near future. First stop, the East End Walking Tour where I got off at Liverpool St. Station (image below). Also below are some of the amazing street artist’s that had their work all over.



Next stop, the Free Walking Tour where you can see Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben and so much more! I enjoyed this because it really gives you an overview of what London is best known for.


New day, new adventure. I went to Kensington Palace (first image below) and fell in love with the area and serene look. After Kensington Palace, I went to Kyoto Garden, a 15-25 minute walk from Kensington Palace. If you would like a nice walk or a place to keep calm, this is the place to go. I cannot tell you how exquisite the garden is because of the wonderful care that it has been given.


Lastly, I went to see The Lion King! I enjoyed the show but it was a little cheesy at times, definitely meant for kids. However, the show was stunning, acting amazing, singing astounding, and performance spiritual.



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