Wanderlust #9: London Week 1

I still cannot believe that I am not in Italy anymore. By the time you read this, I will be in my last full week of London. I am in shock. I can’t imagine leaving such wonderful places after being out of the United States for nearly 3 months. Well, shall we start at the beginning of this London adventure?

I woke up in Rome and ate some breakfast at the hotel. I had stuff everywhere in the hotel so I packed it away quickly. I waited at the front desk for my taxi cab and got to the hotel with plenty of time. I made it and actually saw someone from the program I was in for five weeks in Italy. We had a connecting flight to Madrid, she was flying to Chicago. The flight was a mess because our gates changed and then I had to run to my flight to London because there were some delays on the Madrid flight.

Anyway, finally in London, I couldn’t get my Uber app to work so I had to pay for a taxi. I paid 88 pounds to get from Heathrow airport to where I was staying. Yikes! However, the taxi driver was nice and he had some great suggestions of places to go. Let’s get started on the adventures, shall we?


Well, my second full day in London and I decide to go on an adventure by walking to Regent’s Park. I had Pokemon Go in the background but enjoyed the amazing scenery and vast amount of land that was for my viewing pleasure. I walked through Regent’s Park far enough to reach Queen Mary’s garden.




In Queen Mary’s garden, I had become famished and decided to have a traditional English breakfast. I purchased the B&K Big Breakfast at the cafe in Queen Mary’s garden. What you see is toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, pinto beans, mushrooms, and some kind of liver mush (I think). For the rest of the day, I spent time at the Wellcome Center and The British Museum.


If you ever wanted to experience Times Square but on a smaller scale, Piccadilly Circus is the area for you. There were so many people and shops. Regent St is like the fanciest street for high end shops.


The shop I was looking forward to the most? Liberty. This shop is off of Regent St and it is the one place I have been dying to go to since seeing it on Fleur de Force’s YouTube. I couldn’t help but get a little teary eyed because this was mythical and magical. I went inside and didn’t buy anything at first but then changed my mind. I got my mom a mouse pin cushion and myself a giant safety pin for fabric swatches.


Sailor Moon anyone? I don’t know if many of you know about my anime obsession from days past but Sailor Moon has always been a childhood favorite. I found this in Chinatown. So, you know how I was just talking about getting teary-eyed? Well, Covent Garden is also another place that YouTubers talked about going to and I got the chance to go there. I loved every moment and bought some tea and coffee. Right around the corner from Covent Garden was the James Bond exhibit at the Film Museum and it was really cool to see a wide collection of the cars from the movies. I have only seen one James Bond film but my dad really loves Goldfinger so I went to get a couple shots of the car itself. I might post a gallery of it on this blog one day. Let me know if you would like to see it in the comments!




Another huge shopping center that had been talked about? Westfield, below you can see a giant blow up pool promoting Finding Dory. The mall is two stories and it is huge. I purchased my first set of Lush products, you can read about it HERE. I enjoyed it a lot and got some good exercise in. I also had amazing Vietnamese food in the food court, summer rolls too!



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