Ellie Goulding | Worst Concert Experience?!


This is going to sound awful but this concert was the worst experience I have had and now I know why people spend an arm and leg to get the good seats/spots. I went to see Ellie Goulding back in June before I left for Italy and have been excited since November 2015. I was happy to know that she would be the first big performer I would get the chance to see. I loved the wonderful concerts I had been to before because they were intimate. Unfortunately, this was not that case. My sister and I stood in the center rows on the side section. I was not that happy that I wasn’t close but would be happy to see Ellie. Her concert began and she appeared. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see her but saw her on the large screen that the venue had. I couldn’t help but remember my mom’s words, “You can just watch them on TV.” Essentially, I had done just that, watch her on the large screen that had close ups of her and some wider shots every now and then. What didn’t help were these four people who were dancing and moving the whole time to the point where I was about to say something.

This might come off harsh and it isn’t meant to be but if I am paying money to see a concert, I expect to be able to see them, even if they are on a TV screen. I could see her every now and then from afar. I just didn’t appreciate that these people were drinking and making a spectacle of themselves, blocking the very few shots I had to see Ellie on stage. I was not happy the whole night even when she sang some of my favorite songs. I just couldn’t avoid these people in front of me. They were also not accommodating to the people who were trying to get by.


I think my bad experience is a mix of the people and the fact that I would just like everyone to be civil and not make a show of their own to where they feel like they are the center of attention. I told my sister that the next time Ellie Goulding is in town that we will pay for those tickets to stand in the pit and I might be standing like a statue because I don’t like to be touched, but I will deal with it to have a more intimate viewing of my favorite artists. I will say that I felt like there was still this wall between Ellie and her fans because she only went into details about her personal stories, one about her friend, and one other time I can’t remember. I just wish she had more I could relate to on a human level. I really connect to artists when I can hear more about their life, experiences, and moments that we are not present for. I might be asking too much as an audience member and fan, but I wanted to connect.


So, there you have it, my worst concert experience. Let me know down below what your best or worst experience has been. I want to hear it!

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