Wanderlust #7: Week 4


This is not Italy. This is a picture in another country. You read that right. I had the chance to go to San Marino, a country of its own and so tiny! A show was opening there and we got there early enough to explore and see San Marino. If you can see, above, on the horizon is the Adriatic Sea. I went with a group of the technicians, exploring, and we ended up at the top and some food, mediocre and very touristy, at least mine was. I had, below, the gnocchi with pears in a cream sauce.


I can’t complain about the view though…


Story time! So, we had just come back from San Marino and I was in bed, ready to sleep around 2AM. The shows didn’t start until 9PM, you see. Anyway, my friend mentioned going to Venice because we had been talking about it for our day off. The only day off we would have. However, around 2:30, my friend comes into my room (she was my roommate too) and asks me if I still wanted to go because it was happening. I was in shock but the traveller in me said, “YES!”

If you read my post from yesterday, you might recall that I had gone to Florence. The whole company decided between Florence and Venice, they chose Florence. So, the chance to go to Venice when I didn’t know when I would be back in Italy was a guarantee. I stayed up and maybe slept for an hour before we had to depart. We left around 7AM and didn’t arrive in Venice until 1PM due to traffic. You can see below pictures of me on a ferry boat, Murano glass, a rococo gown recreation, masks, the Bridge of Sighs, and some of the amazing pieces of history in the Doges Palace. Scroll through and enjoy but read about the very last picture at the bottom!


I am adventurous with my food. I think that it comes from being Chinese and not to be stereotypical but I have had food that most people wouldn’t even imagine trying if they weren’t a bit open minded. Spaghetti alla seppie nere is spaghetti pasta in black cuttlefish ink and the actual fish itself. This dish would be similar to having squid ink. This is hands down, the most amazing pasta I have had in my life. I can’t tell you how smooth and creamy this was unless you had it. My tongue and teeth and mouth turned black and I was able to get most of it off but it was an adventure.

Funny story, I didn’t get back until 3AM because we took the wrong ferry boat around 9 and then didn’t get on the right one until 10 or so and then had to drive back for five hours. I felt bad because I was snoring up a storm but I can’t be a passenger for that long and not fall asleep. Plus, I tend to fall asleep on moving transit.

Hope you enjoyed week 4! One more week and then it is over. However, that means we can move to my London adventures and also my tips to helping you travel in the future and my mistakes while travelling.


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