My First Time at Lush! | Lush Haul + How Lush Works

Note: I am just trying to break up my Wanderlust posts since I am currently in London and want to share some of my fun experiences of the now and also before I left for Italy!

I have never found anything at Lush that has made me excited than I have in London. I also have to use natural soaps or soaps with few ingredients because my skin is so sensitive. Not to mention that UK prices are so much cheaper than US.

Outback Mate

I smelled Outback Mate and fell in love, I just had to get it! The soap itself caught my eye because it has a beautiful sea deep look to it. I tend to go towards fresh smelling soaps rather than floral or amber like soaps.

Sea Vegetable

Sea Vegetable is not as pretty as Outback Mate but it has a more subtle scent than Outback Mate. If you are not a fan of the eucalyptus scent and want something lighter, this is for you.

Mint Julips

This product, right here, is how I found out about Lush. A couple years ago, YouTubers everywhere had mentioned this product and I was all about it. I wasn’t all about the price. I found this at Lush and since I was buying soaps, both of which were around 3.25-3.50 pounds, it was time. I bought this for 5.95 pounds. I am excited to try it since my lips are being rebellious and peeling at the moment.


So how does Lush work? How do I buy it?

You don’t have to buy a certain chunk that they have, you can get an approximate size as to what you want. For example, one of the soaps I got was going to cost me more than the price per 100g. I wanted the minimum since this was my first purchase and I have a lot in my luggage already. So, I asked them to cut it for me and they did so at the counter.


Yes! I wanted to buy a bottle of teeth whitening tablets and found out that they didn’t have the bottle I wanted in stock. So, the cashier actually gave me a couple tablets of the tester bottle for use and that way I could come back and buy it if I really liked it.

Have any more Lush tips? Have a favorite product? I want to know! But, really, I do! Leave a comment below!

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4 thoughts on “My First Time at Lush! | Lush Haul + How Lush Works

  1. I love Lush. I mostly order online from the UK store since it is so much cheaper and doesn’t get stopped in customs for a week like when I bought from Lush USA which comes from Canada.


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