DIY Flower Jars

It has been so long since I have posted a DIY. I wanted to share with you how to make some cute flower jars by reusing and recycling. Since there are no windows in my office space, I needed something that created a little more life in the rather empty space. Granted the garage-turned-studio is full but as for greenery or “life” it is lacking. I think that in total, I only spent $12 because I already had the glass stones and jars (aside from my mermaid one).


I went to my local Dollar Tree and found some flowers that I thought would please my eye by being light in color and cooler. I tend to stay away from really warm colors.


I had all of these from my house that my mom wanted to pawn off on me since she had no use for them. The only ones that I actually went out to purchase were the green ones when I used them as makeup brush holder.


All you need to do is arrange the flowers in a way that pleases your eyes. I think that this turned out super cute! The bottle is an Honest Lemonade bottle. If you don’t have any bottles or jars, you can go to a Goodwill or garage sale and you are likely to find something that will work for you.


This mermaid vase is from TJ Maxx and I got her for only $14.99. The anchor necklace was a set from JewelMint. I am still upset that they stole $59.95 worth of credit from me. Anyway, this mermaid jar is really pretty because it scoops, unfortunately not show, and created a beautiful shape.

Hope you liked! Share with me your floral arrangements.
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