Review: Fiskars Forged Scissors 4″

Since my profession lies with costumes, I am surrounded by stray threads all the time. I didn’t invest in a good pair of snips until last year and I thought that I had found it. Well, I am here to tell you the pros and cons about the Fiskars Forged Scissors 4″. Also, this is just my experience with these. I have since purchased other snips recently but will probably do a review later on after I have used them extensively.

Forged Embroidery Scissors (4")

[Fiskars 4″ Scissors]

I really need to realize that if I am going to use something every single day that I need to invest in a good pair of scissors. I saw these at A.C. Moore and wanted to use a coupon to get them cheaper. My goal of buying snips was to get a pair that had a sharp point. I purchased these and found that they worked out so well for the first few months. I could snip as much as I wanted without having to cut at weird angles.

After the first couple of months, I found that the snips were already so dull and also the screw that held the snips tight were now loose. I have since screwed it back together multiple times and have sharpened them. I don’t think that I would purchase these again. The fact that these don’t stay sharp as long isn’t the problem since this would have to be blessed by the sewing goddesses to stay sharp. Mostly, this is a poor review because of the construction and design of the snips. I am just upset that the screw won’t stay tight without being too tight. Every time I have to tighten the screw it becomes really difficult to fluidly cut threads and then becomes loose after a couple of snips. I think that they are great for the occasional stitcher but for someone who uses them daily, it isn’t that great. Gingher is where I am heading towards eventually but I haven’t bitten the bullet on it.


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