Wanderlust #3: Reducing Travel Anxiety

I thought that this was quite fitting for the anxiety that I have been going through with my parents. I would say that they are overbearing but most parents are so it is normal, isn’t it? I have had trouble couple weeks back from my father and how he claims I have told him nothing about my trip internationally. Now, if you are dealing with parents who are like that, just take a deep breath. Understand that they are just concerned. However, don’t let them bully you to take back your decision. Granted, no matter what, I would not change any plans. I have already purchased the tickets, passport, and pertinent traveling items.

So, now that I am in the home stretch, well, it is kind of daunting. Really, daunting, to be honest. I haven’t felt this overwhelmed since my final project in class. Now you might want to know where I am packing wise and mentally preparation, right? I have packed my carry on, aside from my toiletries bag, and I just started to put the excess stuff into my check in bag that I can’t carry on the plane with me. I have to take shears, snips, and other sharp objects over to Italy.

Enough rambling, though, because the important stuff is below. I wanted to share with you what I have done to calm my travel anxiety for the past month. The best thing I have found is to divvy out the time, if you are really anxious like me, you might want to do one of these every couple of days because it will really help you relax before the trip! Now, if you don’t have the time to do this, maybe it will work for you next time!

Google Maps if your friend. I cannot tell you how often I have looked at a map this past month. Since I will be in the countryside of Italy there isn’t much information concerning streets and restaurants. However, London has been quite informative on Google Maps and I have “starred” a bunch of places. By starring the places that I might want to go, it helps me navigate without the internet.

TSA is actually informative. I haven’t really thought that TSA would help me but their website, here, has given me a bunch of info. I know about medication, preparation of documents, etc. I am still learning new things every time I stop by.

Airport terminal prep. It is extremely important to me to be as prepared as possible. So, when you have your flight info, write it down on a post-it note or somewhere visible. Look at the airports you will be at, what aircraft number it is, and where the airplane company lands their planes at the airport. I will be making a quick layover at Madrid Barajas Airport and it was so confusing. I read some reviews where people feel that there isn’t enough signage around for them to be efficient for their next flight. I am 90% positive that my flight enters the same terminal that the baggage claim is. I plan to do some more research.

Get your finances in order. Finances are extremely important when traveling internationally. I have called my bank to let them know that I would be leaving and what period of time that entailed. I have also called them to get euros for Italy. Another good thing to think about is tipping. I read online that tipping in Italy isn’t necessary but unknown travellers do it because it is normal here. So, I will be sure not to tip because any extra charges are most likely in the bill already.

Budget. If you are concerned about how your money will be spent, it would be beneficial to start a budget spreadsheet. I have an estimated column and actual column to let me know how much I will/have spent on items. I have budgets myself $35.00 per day for food. I know that I won’t use that much since I plan to cook myself some food, but it is good to overbudget than underbudget. Which means, $10 per meal and $5.00 for a snack.

Checklist! I cannot tell you how much it has helped to have a checklist on my phone. I am more of a paper-pen kind of person but I have found that having a clear and easy-to-read checklist has helped me. I will definitely be talking about my checklists soon. To give you some time to make your own on your phone, just download an app that allows you to check things off and still be present and make separate lists of clothes, toiletries, other, essentials, need to buy, tech, and any other list that you might need.

Read, read, read. There is nothing that is more helpful that first hand experiences with travel essentials, tips and more. I have found that taking multiple perspectives is the most helpful thing that you can do to help prepare and ease your mind.
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