Review: Ben & Jerry’s Brownie Batter Core

Alright, everyone who is everyone should know I am obsessed with chocolate. I am in love with brownies and this new ice cream is like my paradise. I haven’t done a review on food in a long time…or ever maybe. Anyway, I am eating this as I write it and I wanted to introduce you to the magic that is this Ben & Jerry’s Core line. I am not sponsored and I am going to be honest, as always.

I am mainly focusing on the brownie batter core because this is the only one I have tried. I find that the ice cream when you first open it, the core will stick to the lid. No biggie, just scoop that stuff up! The ice cream is super smooth and easy to scoop up. However, once you have refrigerated it again, it hardens and is slightly harder to scoop out of the container. The brownie batter core is not like the pictures show, it varies a lot. The amount of the core that is in the whole container is more abundant at the top and less so at the bottom.

Aside from that, I really enjoy that one side is chocolate and the other side is vanilla. I don’t think that I would enjoy this so much if it was all chocolate. I love chocolate, like a mad woman, but I also don’t like to be overwhelmed with it.

Want to give it a try? Find a Harris Teeter near you because they have 3 for $10, which is an AMAZING deal. I don’t know if other grocery stores do the same but if they do, grab ’em.

Hope this was cool to read about!


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