I Know When I Need to Cry When…

I am not someone who cries all the time or at all really. I would say that, if you don’t count emotional shows, I cry twice a year. There is something about not crying for a long time that really gets to me and the smallest thing can cause me to cry uncontrollably.

True story: I was at Starbucks and wanted a Fizzio drink and got one. The week after, I wanted another one and they told me that they didn’t have anymore. I didn’t want anything else. I was heading home with my sister and the Fizzio is just what I wanted. I started to tear up and cry. My sister got her drink and all but I was in the car without anything.

I am pretty sure I have now experiences, “crying at the drop of a hat.” I guess, I wonder how and why our body does this. Is there some kind of relief that our body needs to relieve stress?


What do you think?

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