3 Tips On How To Keep Long Hair Looking Healthy

My hair type: thin, fine hair and the last time I cut my hair (don’t cringe too badly) was May 2014. I would like to cut it soon but I am concerned with cutting my hair because I really don’t know what else I can do with such thin and fine hair…Anyway, this is what I do to keep my hair looking healthy.

I do not wash my hair everyday. I have learned to stop washing my hair everyday. I think that reason that my hair got so thin is because I continuously washed it.
I use a conditioner and a deep conditioner/treatment. Since I have stopped washing my hair everyday, conditioning it is an absolutely treat.
Hair oil and thickening treatments. I have tried various hair oils and serums to make my ends look healthy. I also use thickening hair treatments in hopes to make my head look like it has more hair.


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