Let’s Review: Inside Out

Warning you now, there will be spoilers…

So, Inside Out, a movie all about emotions…having emotions. I think that the idea is great, how our minds really grow and feel these things. Our core memories are the ones we often look back on, they hit the mark. What I think they totally missed upon was making Sadness the most annoying, character. Sadness would have been great if she would just listen. She kept doing things that Joy told her not to do for the sake of Riley. I get it, no one wants to feel left out but Sadness really ostracized herself by doing things that made everyone else upset. Joy is a great emotion that stood out and made sure that Riley had her emotions back in check. I think that Fear, Anger, and Disgust were hilarious and made me laugh when they were onscreen. I just didn’t enjoy the movie much because of Sadness, she just ruined it for me.

Did you like the movie? Let me know your opinions below.

Rating: 2/5


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