Why Do Restaurants Use “Fancy” Terminology?

Haricot verts. Wait, what? It means green beans and my sister told me what it was. I recently went to an upscale restaurant with a group of friends and I had no clue what the side options were. I felt as though I had to have a dictionary right beside me to understand. I wanted to let everyone know that it isn’t to make us seem dumb or simple minded. I had to look up why restaurants do name things by their “fancier” counterparts and here is what I found…

Pulled from Quora:
“Food is, as much most things, a craft.” I understood at that point why restaurants name their foods after their proper terms. The person who answered also mentioned how it is like a doctor using proper terms. If a doctor is taught proper terms that have been passed down for generations, it is the same for chefs.

However, other people that answered the question that was asked by this person had opposing opinions. I think that there should be some sort of middle ground as to what is written on a menu. I think that it is nice to have written what kind of sauces and things are presented like aioli. I don’t think making the whole menu inaccessible to someone is productive to the waiters/chefs/people waiting in line for a free table. I am working on my terminology for food and meals but I am, by no means, going to be a walking thesaurus to what everything is.

I love affordable meals and I eat too much to pay $30 for a piece of meat. I prefer to eat good, hearty meals where I won’t have to be hungry again before the night ends.

What are you opinions on this food matter?


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