DIY Card Washi Banner

I had just moved into my sister’s house when I knew that something had to be done to make my jewelry spot look beautiful. I found this scale coral washi tape for $3.99 at A.C. Moore and knew that this was “the one”. I have to say that my card banner is quite possibly one of my most favorite things in this world.

What you will need:
Tall washi tape
Cards (or what you would like to put up)
Clothes pins
Push pins


  1. Apply the washi tape across your desired surface and try to make it as even as possible. Even though I had a wood board that was even, it was hard to make it so no bubbles were present! My sister actually fixed it for me.


2. Cut a piece of twine that is longer than the length of your washi tape. I left mine hanging about 12″ or so longer on each end. Make sure you tie your twine or wrap it around the push pin.

3. Place the push pins tautly to match the corners of the twine, this will probably be adjusted to be tighter when you put weight from the cards. I placed mine about an inch above the corners of the push pins.


4. Take your clothes pins and attach them to your chosen cards.

5. Pin the cards to the twine and adjust the twine as needed to prevent it from sagging.


Ta-da! I think that this is so cute and I have arranged my jewelry area to look so beautiful and classy, in my opinion. I will hopefully be posting a full picture sooner or later.

Send me a pic if you do this!


P.S. If you are wondering about the wooden hanging plaque, my dad made it! He had some scrap wood and screwed it to the wall. The metal hooks are from Dollar Tree and they are super sturdy! My jewelry organizers are from Bed Bath & Beyond.

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