Everyday Inspiration | Phone Quotes

I didn’t know if this would work but I tried it- phone quotes. I thought to myself last year when I was going to school that I needed something to quell my nerves and thoughts while going to orientation. I decided to make a small change.

I think that inspirational quotes are great. I prefer short and simple ones. I have two on my phone right now, one as the lock screen and one as my home screen. I thought that I would share them and why I put them there.

Be Brave: Well, it is kind of self-explanatory because I always need the extra boost of bravery. I also like that it is clean and simple with the black and white contrast. I like phone quotes to be clean and easy to read because this is just a glimpse-look kind of thing.

Be Extraordinary: Okay, this is a little harder because everyone’s defintion of extraordinary is different. I think that being extraordinary is not to be exactly that. Being the best version of yourself is extraordinary in itself, in my opinion.

I thought that phone quotes were something that had to be thought of every time you open the phone but I realized that my brain picks up on the quote and it reminds me to be brave and extraordinary without having it come to the forefront of my mind. I get that little extra boost from looking at my phone.

Do you use phone quotes?



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