My Favorite YouTube Videos of 2015

After a lot of thought over what impacted me the most or what I went back to watch over again, these are the videos that I found made the biggest impact in my life.

Allie Marie Evans, a Youtuber, is someone who has gone from being a beauty vlogger to a director/actor/and inspiration all around. She directed this video that Maddi Bragg is featured in. I think that Maddi is the younger girl in all of us who just likes to have fun and doesn’t quite care what people think. This video is shot beautifully. I also found out about Phoebe Ryan who is the singer in both videos and she has definitely skyrocketed to one of my favorites. I will also say that Phoebe’s songs remind me of making the huge change to move to my sister’s for school. Meghan’s video is below:

Ingrid Nilsen is my absolute favorite YouTuber and I have followed her and her journey since 2011/2012. I really hope that the people that she has touched, those who are afraid, will know that everything is okay and everyone deserves their best chance. I am inspired by Ingrid when she posts a new video because she lets her weird flag fly and an honest self be exposed.

Claire Marshall, aka HeyClaire, is someone I stumbled upon in 2014 and she has been someone who has interested me in the content that she makes. Claire is definitely a beauty guru but she doesn’t let that define her because she pops lifestyle videos in between and it is refreshing. I definitely love her chilled out vibe and easy going personality on camera. The video above is beautifully shot and made. I love it to pieces.

Enjoy these videos and let me know the comments which one of these is your favorite or suggest a video for me down below.


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