Word of the Month: Framboise

[Cooking Channel]

Framboise according to Food Network means: 1. French for “raspberry.” 2. A colorless, potent eau de vie made from raspberries.

Personally, raspberries are not my favorite fruit because they just taste weird to me. However, I think that is because the raspberries that I have had are fake artificial flavors. You know?

So, for the baker in your life that will spend the whole day in the kitchen, here is a recipe that takes time but has an allotted time for sitting in the fridge. Did I mention that this has chocolate? This Chocolate Framboise will be great for Valentine’s Day.

Need help in the kitchen? A great way to incorporate your children or friends is having something that is interactive for people. This Creme de Framboise may not be kid friendly but you could probably replace the wine with cranberry juice.

Parfait au Framboise is for the adventerous cook in you who basically wants to make ice cream without an ice cream maker. This has the most ingredients but it is probably the most rewarding because then you can make an excess.


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