23 People/Things I Am Grateful For

It’s my birthday! I think that this year, I want to name 23 people who I am grateful for and why. It is important to me, to remind myself, that I have people who are more than just passing by in my life. This is in no particular order.

  1. My sister – My “Panda” is someone who has let me stay in her house, with her roommates, for almost a year. I have been attending a university, so it is nice to be able to have a sister who loves me enough and cares about me to take care of me while I am here.
  2. My brother – I don’t get to see my brother everyday now but I miss him every single day that I am not with him. My brother has been a huge beacon in my life since 2012 when I attended my previous university until I left last year to move in with my sister. I am grateful for the relationship that we have and how we get along well.
  3. My parents – My parents have given up so much for me and also have made me a patient person. Parents may test their children’s patience and we test theirs but they are always there for their children (or should be).
  4. Edward – My beautiful car, Edward, was given to me by my father and he has been in the family for a long while. Originally he was my sister’s but then he was passed down to me. I love him very much and he has been a reliable companion.
  5. My best friend – It has been a long time since I have had a good friend but I met my best friend in 2012. She has been a huge part of my life and has been living her dream in New York, being an amazing actress. I love her so much and even though we are apart, I know that she is always going to be there for me, as I am for her.
  6. M-Prof – An amazing man who believed in me, always, when I never did. He is not nearly as close to me now, but he will always be someone who I think of often. I am grateful for all the time he has invested in making me a better designer and person.
  7. My Roommates – I have two roommates, not including my sister, who have been so gracious as to let me stay with them. They are two cool girls who have not asked much or anything of me. I appreciate all of what they are doing for me.
  8. YouTube – As a designer, I find inspiration in the different things in my life. I have found a lot of inspiration in YouTube and people who inspire me and others.
  9. The University – The university I go to now has taught me so much when it comes to who I am and what I am capable of. I am learning to be a better person and better professional by being here.
  10. F-Prof – I have been quite bitter as to what happened between us but at the end of 2015, I reached out and we are in a much better place than we were when I left. I think that it has helped me grow and learn as a human being to forgive and learn. I am grateful for all of the things that she has taught me when I was at my old university.
  11. Taylor Swift – I am grateful that Taylor Swift exists and even when some people try to bring her down, she stands tall and perseveres. I may not know her personally but, to me, she is generous and does good in the world for people who are less fortunate. She is kind and she is also an amazing person to look up to and find guidance. Her songs have definitely gotten me through some tough times.
  12. Mermaids – I am grateful for mermaids because it makes me light up. I can be down in the dumps and still find the joy and happiness in mermaids, it is like a shining light when there is darkness all around.
  13. Felicity Smoak – (Excuse my language) Felicity Smoak is badass without losing class. As fictional characters go, Felicity Smoak is smart and cunning when it comes to anything dealing with being on Team Arrow. I think that she is someone I look up to, as a character, because she isn’t over-sexualized like some female characters and has emotion. Definitely a great character. Emily Bett Rickards plays her well!
  14. Stepping Outside of the Box – I have been quite closed off when it comes to friends and making new ones has always been hard for me. I have definitely grown into being a better person and friend to people who I want to invest my time into.
  15. Etsy – I own an Etsy shop with my sister, The Crafty Lot, and we have had some success and I have loved being a business person and learning how to be a better shop owner.
  16. Christina Perri – I have never been to an official concert, Christina Perri was my first and she is an amazing, inspiring person. You can read my post on the experience HERE. I cried throughout most of the concert…almost all of it, so good!
  17. Organization – This might sound weird but I am grateful for how organized I have been since coming to my new university. I am hoping to be on time for everything but I know that my organization is pretty good. I mean, I technically have 4 calendars that are sitting near me, right now.
  18. Peaceful Moments – I have never experienced a more fast paced university than the one I attend but I have appreciated them more now than ever.
  19. Lakes – I live near a lake, and coming from a big city, it has been a pleasure to be able to go to the lake when I please. The closest I have been to a body of water in a long time.
  20. The Journey of Flower – The biggest emotional rollercoaster of a drama that I have watched was in 2015. I am grateful it exists and it reminds me to continue learning, learn to love, and not to trust in people. Zanilia Zhao and Wallace Huo are exceptional actors.
  21. Music – There has been some music that I have experienced that really brings out emotion in me. I also enjoy that I have made a couple of playlists on my Spotify. I am grateful that I get to experience others work who are not mainstream or are hard to find.
  22. Food – I have been able to eat at new and local restaurants that have me searching for more. I love supporting local places and it has been a great experience to learn about what I like, don’t like, and how I can personally enhance my own food.
  23. YOU – I have worked on The Mermaid Network for a year now and it has been a great experience. I am learning what can and cannot handle. I am glad that there are Fleeters who are here to help me along the way and follow my journey.


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