Food For Thought: Who You Are


I think that it is hard not to think about how far you have come in one year. I know that I do. I have realized that this year has been, quite possibly, the best year of my life. I have learned to work hard, play hard, and keep focused on what I love, who I love, and where I love. To explain that a little further…

What I love is what I have been doing in theatre because it makes people happy, takes them away, and it also helps me become a better designer. I want to be able to touch people in a way that will last a while. Who I love became a very important thing in my life. I am not talking about romantic relationships. I entered my new university as someone who had no one except my sister. I have chosen who I choose to love and dedicate my time, my life, and my space to. Who I love is the friends I hope that I will have for a lifetime. Where I love is what I learned once I finished my semester at my new university because there wasn’t a day that I resented the campus, the people, or environment. I think that it was an important realization because I feel like I belong somewhere that will help me grow as a person and professional.


Looking back to where I have come from has reminded me that my decision to leave my previous university was the right one. My choice to work two jobs for a year was right. My experiences from leaving and working have shaped me to be a better person and I have learned to become patient of the things to come in my life. I never really believed “everything happens for a reason” but I think that this year proved that if the above didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be where I am now.


I just want everyone to know that no matter what you are going through that it is important to learn from the experiences. I am still learning but I want to remind myself of the good that has come from most of my experiences rather than focus on the bad.


What do you think?

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