Beauty and Life Survival Kit

When I got to college, I knew that I needed a survival kit of sorts in order to stay on top of my life. So, here is what I have in my locker at college, right now. We use lockers, say what? Anyway, to make a note, I would suggest reusing a bag that is sturdy because that way it is easier to keep shifting things around without it being a grocery bag.

Inside the bag:
Medicine – I have aspirin, ibuprofen, mints, cough drops, allergy medicine, and benedryl. An assortment that gives me enough of each in order to function should I need it.
Feminine Products – 100% need this no matter where you are. I started out with 6 and have dwindled that down since I forget sometimes to pack an extra one in my purse.
First-aid kit – I purchased this at Target, I think, but you can easily get this at most stores for a good deal compared to buying them all separately.
Hair Accessories – You know, sometimes you just have to run out the door but with a container of bobby pins and hair ties, almost any hair style is achievable. For a container, I used an old sugar scrub container to keep the hair accessories inside.
Assorted Extras – Perfume, in case you need a refresher. Pen and highlighter because you never know when you will need it. Hand sanitizer and tissues because we should have those handy no matter where we are.

Okay, you can see that I have a food bag too and that is because I need snacks. I love Little Bites, Boom Chicka Pop, and things that are generally lighter on the palette compared to chips and other heavy junk food.

I keep water in my studio but if you don’t have a place that is your own on campus, put water bottles in your work space and mark your name on them.

Hope that this helps! What is in your survival kit?


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