Renaissance Festival 2015

I love Renaissance festivals and have been going consistently for the past three years (I think). What made this experience different is that I got to hang out with my brother by myself and have a really great time winning an ARROW shirt by playing Plinko. Plinko is my favorite Price is Right game and I got to play that to win a free shirt! I chose the Arrow shirt among Flash, iZombie, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. My brother unfortunately didn’t win a shirt but my sister did and we chose a Flash shirt for him.


I think that I might do a guide to learning new ways of doing something every year and not get bored of it. Anyway, I bought 15 arrows for $3 because when you win a free ARROW shirt, you just have to! So, I shot some arrows and ate some fried macaroni and cheese (AMAZING) and had a really fun time. I didn’t get to buy anything mermaid related but that is probably because I have already almost all mermaid related items from them.


My goal for this year, if I go, is to keep shooting arrows until I am a pro like Oliver Queen. Also, still NOT okay about what happened in the mid-season finale.


What do you think?

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