North Carolina Love


I am sure that there are some of you out there who love their state more than any other state. I get it. I just wanted to share my love for North Carolina a little bit today.

North Carolina is a beautiful place with oceans and mountains and country landscapes for miles. Really, we have it all. I think that there is something to say about how North Carolina shaped me as a person because of the people that live here. I grew up in a place that hustles and bustles and I made sure I could move just as fast. I think that now that I am where I am, it has helped me catch up when I have had to take on two years worth of classes, essentially. I have also learned to adapt to many weather changes, rain to sun and back again. I am also really grateful for having a lot of places/stores accessible to me because I grew up with a lot of stuff around me.

Now, a quick thing about this necklace is that it is from Jewelmint when I accidentally let them take $29.95 a month from me and forgot to cancel my subscription. Anyway, I got my sister and myself this North Carolina state wooden necklace. The chain is delicate but I think anything sturdier and it might break the wood. I think that this is a great way to say “I love North Carolina” without saying “I LOVE NORTH CAROLINA SO MUCH,” ya know?


P.S. Did anyone else know that Jewelmint changed?! I have to hound them about my credit now…

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