I Thought I Could Do This…

There have been a lot of things that have passed through my mind. I have thought about what I want for and from The Mermaid Network. I have mentioned multiple times about how I wanted to create quality content and I feel that because I am writing every single post myself…my creativity is being spread thin. I pushed myself in 2015 to post something almost every single day. I started to plan out my year for 2016 and realized that I wasn’t totally sold to post every other day.

I know that they say that you can’t compare yourself to other people and expect to be like them but I aspire to be like them. I have a couple of blogs that I often come back to:

Angelique Cooper | Angelique’s blog is laid back and fun. I find myself thinking how cool it would be to hang out and be in her orbit to experience life, in what seems, like an extraordinary way.
Salty California | Cammy’s blog has amazing photos that I want to have on The Mermaid Network. I want to have that really cool laid back feeling that is really nice. Sometimes I wish I could be both a photographer and model at the same time.
Aspyn Ovard | Aspyn is someone I follow on YouTube and recently started following on her blog. I love her photography as well and the editing that goes along with the photos. She is a YouTuber and lives a pretty cool life from what I get to see in her vlogs with her husband, Parker.
Allison Anderson | Allison is a YouTuber that I have followed for a long time and she has such a relaxing vibe to her. She is a great role model as a person who is well-organized without overwhelming her life. From what I know, she keeps her personal life private (which is great!) and her professional life open for all of her viewers to see.

I don’t want to be organized. I realize that is kind of the opposite of who I am as a person. I realize that it might sound weird. I have also realized that I am a person who needs to have the freedom to live my life and not at the control of something that I started because I loved it. I love all of you and love The Mermaid Network. I feel that it has taken me 6 years to realize that putting myself on a schedule puts too much pressure on making sure I uphold that schedule.

I have planned out a good amount of posts and will probably continue to finish off the posts that I have planned but this change will probably happen mid-year officially. I just wanted to get this off of my chest and let you all in on what I am feeling.

Thank you to every who stayed til the end of this post!

I will talk to you soon.


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