Skin First + Strong Foundation

I want to start off TiffanytheShopaHAULic by saying that if you are not happy with yourself without makeup, it will be really hard to be happy in the long run. I have had a lot of struggle in the past with myself feeling ugly because I had horrible acne and nothing was working. I swore off anything for a long time that would cause me acne, including my beloved chocolate.

I wore makeup often but realized that it wasn’t worth covering up my acne if more started to appear and after about two years of applying makeup as often as I could, I stopped doing it so much. I would only apply makeup when my skin was calmer than normal and felt much better. I love that makeup can accentuate my eye shape, I love it, and covering my dark spots.

Thankfully, by focusing on my skin instead of covering my “imperfections,” I have gotten to a much happier place where I feel that makeup is something that is for fun, pure fun. I don’t have to overthink wearing too much makeup if I don’t want or wearing too little. I choose to focus on the health of my skin and clearing up the base before creating a skyscraper. Skyscrapers are beautiful but if they don’t have a solid and strong base, they are likely to fall.

In other words, I want all of you to grow a strong foundation for knowing that you are beautiful with or without makeup and that makeup doesn’t define how good looking you are to society. You are beautiful no matter what someone says. Your “imperfections” add to your beauty.


What do you think?

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