Word of the Month: al Forno

Pasta al Forno

Image and definition pulled from Food Network:

(ahl FOHR-noh) Italian for “baked” or “roasted.”

Well, just by typing in “Al Forno,” did you know that there is a restaurant that is named after this cooking term? I didn’t. If you live in Providence, RI, can you tell me how good that place is?

Well, Giada has a pretty cool recipe involving prosciutto that I think some of you might like, if you are adventurous. A yummy looking Capellini al Forno.

For all of my vegetarians out there, see if you like this Baked Eggplant: Melanzane al Forno. This recipe doesn’t call for anything out of the norm and takes less time than the recipe above. I think that eggplant is a great substitute for anyone who is trying to become a vegetarian because it has a hearty texture and fills you if cooked right.

This last one is the shortest of them all! Pasta al Forno that has no meat but could use the addition, if you prefer. I definitely might try this one!


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