Style Me – Sally

[The Nightmare Before Christmas Wiki]

Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas was someone I felt sadness for and envy because she could sew herself up like no one’s business. I also loved her connection to Jack and how she didn’t let someone who had more power than her, stop her from doing what she thought was right.

To keep with the patchwork look, this beautiful dress does look like a craft project but still has some style. I like that there are different angles of the fabric with various hues and textures.

This is so fancy and intricately done. I think that this would keep the coldest places warm. Not to mention that when Sally progresses through town, at night, it feels cold and she is hardly wearing the proper attire.

I love that this dress has text and thought that it would be so cool if she did a patchwork dress with places that she would love to see around the world.

-The Mermaid Network

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