College Talk: It Is Okay To Take A Break

So, I think that it would be helpful to pick up my college series again. I wish I had someone who was helpful to me when I needed it because my college experience happens to be different from the norm. Since I transferred in my junior year, there are things I wish I had told my younger self, specifically, “it is okay to take a break.”

Right now, I need to get renderings done but I decided to just breathe and take a nap. Now, you might be thinking, that is bad! But, if you take a short nap that lasts anywhere from 15-20 minutes, it is okay. Granted, I took a longer nap than I should have, but I have been trying to find ways to fit in a nap. I am on my last day of fall break today and just taking a chance to not stress and put myself first is great.

So, when you are having a rough day or just need that nap. Take it. Take it with the notion that you WILL get up at the time that you assigned to yourself on your phone. I hope that you are all going through college right now and putting yourself first when you need to. College is important but you are top priority.

What do you think?

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