My First Bridal Shower


Alright, the stress to going to a bridal party was intense because there is so much I don’t know about a bridal party. So, as a newbie bridal shower attendee, I wanted to tell you my experience. The bridal shower lasted from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM and I didn’t get to even get there until 4:00 PM. I don’t know what kind of etiquette there is but it didn’t seem to matter too too much because they didn’t make a big deal. The bride-to-be was very much happy to see me and my best friend, she gave me the ride. I was glad that after the present unwrapping that we were able to have a little bit of food and the other guests totally chowed down too on seconds. Overall it was a great experience and I enjoyed seeing one of my really good friends happy and getting some pretty cool stuff. I made her a “W” seashell canvas to add a little bit of personality rather than just giving registry items. I got a really cute glass heart shaped tea light holder with a candle in it so I can’t wait to burn it!

Presents seem to be something that confuse me because I feel that registry’s can be kind of sterile. I think that they are great if you are just looking to get some kitchenware or linens but there is something about that…it makes me dislike that so much. I mean, if it were me, I would put exactly what I want on the registry but at the same time, sentimental gifts or something different is really nice to add. I did buy three things based off of the registry, the ones that were listed were a decent price but I found comparable items for much less and that gave more. The location of the bridal shower was in the middle of nowhere and it was kind of strange but I liked that it was kind of secluded. Inside a part of a church, the room was a decent size with a kitchen and enough room to put two to three large rectangular tables for seating. The decorations were done so beautifully and had a great nautical theme, all done by the maid of honor. She was definitely on point when it came to getting the vibe of the ocean into a room with no windows and made me miss the ocean so much! Not to mention that she was super nice and made us feel like we were welcome. I think that coming one hour before the shower ended was bad but they didn’t seem to mind, telling us that people and had come and gone already anyway. I think that my first experience with a bridal shower is kind of stumped because I didn’t get to experience it from start to finish. I am excited to attend another shower because this one was pretty cool even though I got a bit of anxiety. Growing pains!

-The Mermaid Network

P.S. I only put up one picture because all the other pictures have their faces in frames and things like that. But isn’t that candle idea the cutest?! Credit to all decorations to her maid-of-honor!

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