Music Video Hair + Makeup To Dye For

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I feel like I haven’t done a really fun and different post in a long time. I wanted to do something for fun! So, here are some of my favorite from 2015, so far, of hair and makeup from music videos!

Hilary Duff | Sparks

I love Hilary Duff and when she came out with “Sparks”, well I wasn’t crazy about it at first because of the whistling but I fell in love with it after another full listen because that whistling was stuck in my head. Now, the hair! The blue hair has such a nice hue and looks amazing! I also love that the makeup is still subtly bold (if that is even possible), with the lips, and doesn’t clash with her hair. It would ruin my hair because I have naturally dark hair but if you are blonde and want to make a statement and look like a winter princess this coming fall/winter, go for it!

Taylor Swift ft Kendrick Lamar | Bad Blood

I just couldn’t leave this one out. I love all of Taylor’s looks and have seen some makeup tutorials. I think that my favorite look from this was the very end with her in a red wig and that fierce cat eye! Also, I would love to see Taylor with red hair, in real life. If you want to spice up some of your normal makeup routine, any part of this video with all of the other girls is really great too! I love Lily Aldrige’s/”Frostbyte” dark lip that really stands out and would make a statement this fall/winter too. This video has so many cat eyes though so it is a great to get that practice in!

Sasaki Asahi | Sayulee’s “Chuwon Chuwon”

This is an interpretation of the original video. Sayulee, who is in this video too sings this is so talented, you can see her version HERE. She has the captioned lyrics in English so you can understand. I love this video and thought that it was stunning and interesting. I love that there is wearable makeup in this video but it looks so historic! I think that there is something here for everyone because there are six girls and their makeup looks are all different. The hair is another thing because it is nearly impossible unless you have a wig or crazy long hair that can be tamed.

Tell me what videos I should look at for some new inspiration! I need it!

-The Mermaid Network

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