DIY Niche

For this month’s Crafty Mermaid, I wanted to share the importance of having a niche or a spot in your home that really is your own. I know that it can be really hard to find and you might not have all the space in the world but here are some tips of mine and how I created a niche at home. (My niche at my sister’s house is totally different, so I might do an update in the future)

1. Find a spot. This might be really difficult depending on how much space you have. I love natural light and use it as much as possible. My room has a window and it wasn’t being utilized correctly. I decided to clear some space, donate or sell what I could, and then make the spot my own. I don’t like to choose my bed because it isn’t that great to be in bed all day, so at least I am off to the side.

2. Make it comfy. Instead of putting a desk, which wouldn’t have really worked in my niche, I chose to add an ottoman that has a lid so you can store stuff and some large pillows. I think that an ottoman is perfect when you want to sit or use it as a desk while you relax on pillows.

3. Easy to clean up. Sure, you might just want to leave your niche in the place you were the most comfortable but it can make the room look messy. The very top picture of this post is what I did when I wasn’t using my niche. I think that being able to clear up the area and make it look neat made me feel like my life wasn’t a total mess. Psychologically, anyway.

4. Do what makes you happy in your niche. I don’t like to do “work” if I can help it while I am in my niche. I like the idea of just enjoying time reading, blogging, or listening to some great jams.

5. Have a great view or something that pleases you surrounding you. No one wants to be in a boring location that has nothing to offer peace of mind. I loved that I had a window to look out of and enjoy when the sun was shining but I was cool as a cucumber.

So, there you have it. Tweet me pictures of your niches!

-The Mermaid Network

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