Style Me: Sleeping Beauty | Aurora


I don’t know what it was but watching Sleeping Beauty had me blushing as a child and I felt whimsical. A love that is actually really creepy now that I am older, was absolutely romantic for me. I loved that Prince Philip and Aurora met randomly and that they fell in love for a quick second before she fell into a deep sleep. I also thought that Aurora was much older than sixteen because her voice is quite mature. Anyway, onto the clothes, shall we?
Effortless and easy curls are what Aurora, in real life, would look in my mind. I think that this hairstyle that is on Lauren Conrad looks beautiful.
She lives in a forest, y’all. No joke, I think that this is a great top that has details and intricacies but still runs along the simple spectrum because it is the same color.
I wanted to find the perfect dress that spoke to me. If you have seen any of my other Disney Princess Style Me’s then you will know that I generally choose something that is over-the-top because a princess gown is like that and I love it. I think that because Aurora grew up in a forest and she never had the chance to grow up in her own home, the castle, that this is a perfect dress. Not only is this youthful, but it has elegance with the bejeweled overlay. Not to mention that I wanted it to have hints of pink and blue, a feat in itself.

-The Mermaid Network

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