Review: McAlister’s


McAlister’s is like a Panera but a less-hip version? I don’t mean it in a negative way because it is nice not to be surrounded by people just on their laptops and phones who are just using space and free wifi (I have been guilty of that). The McAlister’s that I have been to feel like modern diners because they have awnings and checkered floors and a simple and concise selection of food.

STAFF: I have never experienced horrible service from them at all. I think that I feel awful every time I go in because once I had a sweet tea and I told my sister to put the straw in since my other hand was full…well, she did that and I dropped the whole sweet tea. An employee just looked absolutely defeated when I did that and he had to clean up but he didn’t give me a hard time or anything. I appreciate that in an employee and I am sorry!

DECOR: Eclectic. There are so many things on the walls that are interesting and different. Nothing really matches but it goes well together once it is mounted on the walls.


FOOD: Hit or miss. I had the Ultimate Nachos and it just wasn’t that appetizing because it had ingredients that were okay on nachos, at least for me. The Southwest Cobb is pretty good. ALWAYS GET CHIPOTLE PEACH DRESSING. I have never had a place that offered such a magical dressing and I am obsessed and have to get it every time no matter what I am eating. Sweet Chipotle Chicken is okay but it doesn’t fill me up…I eat a lot. Anyway, it is pretty good if you want something that has a nice crunch and flavor. Veggie Club is nice and refreshing to eat when it is extremely hot outside. Chicken Cavatappi Pasta, NEVER EAT THIS WITH LEMONADE, your stomach will thank me later. The Macaroni and Cheese and Pasta Salad are pretty good. Their lemonade is really good, their sweet tea isn’t as sweet as I am used to.

MENU: Although I think that their menu is limited, it isn’t a bad selection, as you can read above, I have tried a pretty good selection of food.

-The Mermaid Network

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