Review: L’Oréal Face Lotion SPF 30

BRING THIS BACK! Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I just wanted to say that this has been the best facial sunscreen that I have ever used. Granted it is the only one that I have ever used that is specifically just a facial sunscreen without a moisturizer infused. I just love that this is an easy addition to my routine. I wish that I had bought more since it was on clearance at Ulta. Ulta, get this back on your shelves!

Packaging: I love that this is a slim bottle that squeezes out the product easily. My only problem is that when my hands are greasy or soapy or what-have-you, this can be a bit hard to twist open. Other than that, it has been a great addition and travel buddy.

Durability: This product calls for repetitive application after a couple of hours but I just apply it in the morning and I am done. I don’t stay in the sun too long, if I can help it, so it doesn’t need reapplication for me. I wouldn’t wear this alone if you have dry skin because it doesn’t moisturize too much or at all. I still have to apply a moisturizer on top of the sunscreen. I used this product with my St. Ives Pink Lemon Scrub and it really helped prevent my acne scars from getting darker! I have noticed a great improvement with protection on my face because, with continual use, my acne scars are faded.

Pigmentation: White, so your skin will be a little lighter for about five to ten minutes as it fully sinks in.

Budget: It was only $2.99 at Ulta and I am hoping that they will bring it back soon! Okay, they discontinued it but they have a SPF 50 sunscreen HERE. Unfortunately, it is $10.99 but I will, more than likely, be purchasing it because I do really enjoy the product and how it has helped my skin.

-The Mermaid Network

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