Striving To Be A Better Blogger

I think that since starting my first blog in 2010 that I have advanced greatly, making great strides to make more of my blog look professional. I think that I have gotten better about sharing my interests and personal favorites. I have so many things that I still want to advance though. I think that, any blogger should know, that you have to keep advancing and finding ways to keep the content relevant to yourself and for others. I love that I can talk about beauty, fashion, my life, share diys, review movies, etc. I am speaking my mind and that has been great dealing with stress and anxiety. I also think that a lot of it comes from the support of all my Fleeters. So, thank you.

Now, to keep myself in check and to remind myself of what I need to do to better my blogging abilities are:

Better Pictures: I have been happy with my most recent images, the quality of them is pretty good. I think that I can still do better. I don’t have a great camera so I am just using an iPhone and editing the images by just adding some brightness )if it needs it) and sharpening it so that it looks much clearer. I definitely think that there is room for improvement when it comes to getting better quality pictures. If you know of a great, high-quality camera that is great for a girl on a budget, let me know. I am looking to spend no more than $200 if I can help it.

Trying New Things: This goes for my personal life and blogging life. I love that I can try new restaurants with my sister because I love different kinds of food. I also think that when I bring in new elements into The Mermaid Network that it helps keep things interesting and changes from being a routine forever.

Adding “Good” Content: Not all the content that I write down to eventually put up actually goes up. Sometimes I am writing in the moment, especially with my life, and it can be really harsh or full of so much emotion. I generally think back to why I was so full of emotion and think about it objectively when I couldn’t before and learn from it. I also want to make sure I am finding locations that are easy to access for my fashion. I am not trying to break bank for my beauty section but I also don’t want to give you all reviews of crappy products. A lot of this is a work in progress on what I define as “good” or “bad”.

-Building a “Safe” Environment: There is something so great about a safe environment on the internet that hardly exists. I used to think, when I had previous personal blogs, that my problems or issues with other people were just exposing that I am a bad human being. I have realized that all humans feel most of the emotions that I go through on a daily basis. I am not a happy person all of the time but I try to at least be a content human who feels safe enough to share my problems, happiness, and experiences with my Fleeters. I have been graced with kind comments from all of you and it has been nice. So, thank you again!

Those are the things that I strive for, right now, to be a better blogger. I want to know what you strive to continue to do to be a better blogger.

-The Mermaid Network

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