Style Me: Flounder


I am absolutely obsessed with Flounder. I think that the reason that I grew up becoming attached to him is because I am a lot like him. I don’t particularly like breaking the rules but I am also not oblivious to a situation. I think that Flounder is a strong character in the end and has a great arc that is shadowed by Ariel’s, it isn’t a bad thing, it is just something to think about when watching a movie. I like to see the progression of side characters just as much as I do with the main characters.
Flounder’s every day outfit? Flounder may be shy but he speaks his mind when he really puts the effort. I am in love with blue and yellow mixed in this outfit.
My favorite thing about this outfit is that it stands out but matches, see the hat ribbon and shirt?
Wedding bells! Just kidding but he does end up getting married, we can just say that he wore this to Ariel’s wedding? I love that this is still festive while not being crazy obnoxious.

Who is your favorite character in The Little Mermaid?

-The Mermaid Network

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