5 Things They Should Teach in High School

There are so many things that I wish they would teach you in high school because there would be more knowledge and less confusion among younger generations, even my generation is a struggle. So, I think that it is important to get this kind of knowledge before you head off into college because finding some support is really hard these days.

1. Taxes. Granted, a lot of high schoolers won’t file taxes for a couple of years but once you get to college and are working a job, maybe even more than one job, you might reach the point where you must fill out taxes. I still don’t quite understand the various types of tax forms and I am 22.

2. Simple Car Maintenance. I only know how to check my oil and tires and other fluids in my car because my dad works on cars. It is so very important to get to know your car and make sure that you are aware of how to check those things.

3. Insurance. It really depends on how hands-on your parents are to help you with your car and the insurance. Not to mention that when you get a house, it is important to get insurance to cover that, including your car insurance. Also, knowing what the best policies are for a car and all that you are covered for.

4. Budgeting. I have gotten better about spending money but I wish that all teachers would bring up budgeting. Budgeting is so important to make sure that there are enough funds for food, gas, rent, house payments, car, insurance, etc. There are so many expenses nowadays and it is important to keep in check.

5. Networking. I know that this also seems far away but if you ever needed a job in the summer, it is so important to keep in contact with old employers or use them as references, hopefully they will give a good one, and you never know when someone from your past will be back in your present life. I know that without my good relationships with professors and friends that I wouldn’t have gotten some of the opportunities I did. Keeping a positive attitude while working will also help people remember who you are and maybe you might just get a call from them.

Those are my five things that I wish high school would teach while students attend, but I know that it isn’t that easy.

-The Mermaid Network

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