How to Reduce Acne When You Sleep

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I am sure that you have seen acne posts from me before, but having suffered through it for 6+ years, I want to share my tips for preventing an immense amount of acne. I know what it is like, so if any of you are dealing with acne outbreaks almost every day, I am hoping that all of these posts I am sharing do help in some way! If you are ever interested in reading about acne, you can always go to my search bar, if you are on a desktop/laptop, and look up “acne”. I tag almost every post so you can view them easier!

I have two tips to help you reduce the amount of acne you are getting and they are actually quite simple. If you are a guy, this first tip might not qualify but for the guys and gals out there with long hair or bangs…TIE. IT. BACK. I cannot stress enough how much acne is produced from the oils in your hair. If you don’t wash your hair every day, this is a huge problem that can really help lessen your acne. Bobby pins are a huge help if you use them to hold your bangs back, clips, knots to the top of the head. There are so many options to make sure that hair is not getting on your face. If you have short hair I suggest flat clips that snap or bobby pins.

My second tip is to change out your pillow case or add lightweight towel on top of your pillow. Raise your hand if you drool when you sleep…*raises hand*. I am not ashamed, I drool like Niagara Falls (that is an exaggeration…I think). All of that bacteria from inside my mouth that is coming out when I am sleeping, and essentially, that bacteria can cause acne. By changing out your pillow case every week can help. I use a kitchen size towel that is plush enough and light enough so my face doesn’t overheat when I sleep. I have also heard that satin pillow cases are a dream to sleep on. I hope this helps!

-The Mermaid Network

2 thoughts on “How to Reduce Acne When You Sleep

  1. Changing your pillowcase is so important! People who suffer from body breakouts (shoulders, back, and chest acne) should wash their sheets and wear a clean, breathable t-shirt at night as well.


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