Where Can I Sell My Items? | 2nd & Charles, Plato’s Closet, Craigslist, eBay

There are so many places that have grown into selling hubs for a lot of regular folks, like me, who don’t have a store to just pop a price tag onto and sell. Donating is great and all but spending the money on an item and then feeling like it is a waste by donating is where I am. So, here are a couple of places that I have had experiences with that you might find useful.


ebay + ebayclassifieds

Mostly everyone knows about eBay and how you can sell your items. Nowadays it is so much harder to get the traffic from people to your item. Sometimes it is just that the keywords aren’t there or that no one really wants it. eBay has such a huge selection of items that it is also hard to trust new sellers. Seller ratings can be make or break for a seller. So, if you have some friends who would buy your stuff, post your eBay on Facebook to also help you get stars.

Pros: You can sell anything and everything, new or used, for however much you want.

Cons: The traffic to your item can be difficult, especially clothing that is not name brand.

eBay Classifieds, once known as Kijiji, is like Craigslist. I used to help my dad put up posts about cars he was selling. I don’t really know the pros and cons because I just posted it and let my dad handle customers if they came from there.



Speaking of Craigslist, this is something I have had a ton of experience with because I also used to put car ads for my dad. I also put up my refrigerators (2) and microwave from college on there and sold one of the fridges and the microwave.

Pros: You get bites, most of the time with images on your post.

Cons: There are some safety issues because you have to set up the meetings. Always meet in a public, well-lit, place. I know that it is kind of a no-brainer, but I want you all to be safe if you use Craigslist!


Plato’s Closet

This is my least favorite place to recommend because I have never had luck. I am a twenty-something, which is their demographic, and I didn’t know that they were that specific about what they took. So, I haven’t been able to sell anything back to them but you might if you have something from last year or a couple months ago.

Pros: If you are getting rid of some clothes that are still in style and name brand, go for it.

Cons: They are really specific, name brands are a prominent thing that they look for, whether it be from Kohl’s or Vera Bradley, they like names.


2nd & Charles

MY NEW FAVORITE STORE! One of these opened up in 2014 and I thought to go in multiple times but didn’t until I was about a month away from leaving. I thought to myself, “why not?” and the next thing I knew I was in the store and overwhelmed. I can’t tell you how nice it is to find near perfect condition books. Some of the books have been worn but they are still sell-able. I also love that they have fandom items like Sailor Moon, Doctor Who, Sherlock, etc. If you have one close to you, GO! I promise that you won’t regret it. Not to mention that I sold a ton of stuff and ended up getting about $50 in credit because I sold my items back to them. I don’t know many places that would do that!

They take everything from video games, posters, vinyl, game consoles, controller, comics, manga, books of all genre, collectibles, etc.

Pros: When you sell back, you can get credit or cash. If you claim cash, the money you get back will be less than if you took the credit. For example, I could have gotten $32.00 in credit or $23.00 in cash. Now, some people might aim for the cash, but I like that there is credit so I can use it to minimize the damage I might do if I buy stuff.

Cons: Sometimes they don’t take the items but you can simply just donate it to their free bins, they sit outside the store, or take it back and donate it to Goodwill. Not really a con, but just so you know that they don’t take everything.

What do you think?

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