Quick Tips to Prevent Over-Drying Your Face

Reminder: This works for me so it might not work for everyone, but I would definitely recommend giving it a try!

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I am done with having over-dry skin! So, I have tried a couple things in the shower to make sure that my skin doesn’t get too dry but still gets the treatment needed from the products I use. Some background on my face currently is: I am using the St. Ives Pink Lemon Scrub to brighten my dark spots and the green tea scrub when my face has acne. Two scrubs in one shower? Yeah, I know it can be much but I have found a way to make sure that I don’t over-dry my skin. I use a cleanser, currently using the Garnier Foam Cleanser, and after washing it off I will only use the scrubs where they need to go.

Acne spot on my cheekbone? I will apply the scrub in circular motions over the acne. I won’t move the product elsewhere. If I am using another scrub, I will only focus it on the areas of my cheeks where I have acne scars that have darkened over time. After showers I will apply a moisturizer or mist to add hydration back into my skin. I have found that if I moisturize heavily, my skin will grow dependent and I don’t want to be forced to a product when I may eventually change it. Not to mention that I have noticed my face leaning towards “normal” and there is not immense amounts of peeling skin coming off of my T-zone.

How do you deal with dry skin?

-The Mermaid Network

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